Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Raising a nation of wimps

I have 5 children and everyday I try to raise them to be respectful, kind, accepting human beings.  I also try to raise my children for the real world.  I don't shelter my children from certain realities.  Some of those realities being,there is always going to be someone better than them, in school there is always going to be someone who gets a higher grade than them, in sports there is always going to be someone who gets more points than them jumps higher or hits harder than them. In life there is always someone who will be ahead of them. Some may say this sounds mean, however it is what I am trying to teach my children that I feel is important.  Those people that are better than them are there to make them work harder and work to the best of their abilities! It can be a harsh reality that even though someone is better than them  that doesn't mean they worked harder than them either.  Sometimes some people just have natural abilities.  But as long as my children always try their best and they can walk away with no regrets saying they gave it their all that is what really matters!
I was left shaking my head when it was around my boys birthday and they were told they could invite 5 friend from their class each.  (Sorry I can't afford to have the whole class come. Not to mention my kid probably isn't friends with EVERY KID in class) but I digress.  I asked them to bring them into school and hand them out to their 5 friends. My children looked at me in horror! "We are not allowed to bring in invitations unless we are inviting the whole class" I was informed.  SERIOUSLY!?  All because someone might get there feeling hurt?  Why are we putting our kids in a bubble?  Why must kids be protected from EVERYTHING!?  How about if my child came home and said student X in class didn't invite them to their party I would tell them that's too bad maybe if your really good friends with this person we can have them over for a play date. Maybe you'll get invited to the next one.
       Kids can't go out to recess and play games like tag or touch football because they can't touch each other. They can't run on the hot top because someone might fall.  Since when does the world come to an end because a child gets a scraped knee? And we wonder why we are one of the most obeses countries?

      Here is the thing, kids aren't stupid.  My children have quickly figured out that the trophy they got in basketball, baseball etc for participation doesn't really mean that much because everyone got one.  However their third place trophy that they got for forms from the karate tournament means so much more to them because they know they EARNED IT!  
      We wonder why drug and suicide rates are up? Because we aren't preparing children to deal with reality! We aren't teaching them to let things roll off their back? There used to be a time when teasing was teasing and although not nice it made you a better, stronger person if you were the one being teased. Now everything is bullying and a million people have to get involved! Let me be very clear I do think there are instances where bullying is real and it absolutely needs to be dealt with. But then there is some name calling or teasing every once in a while that kids need to learn to just let it go.
      Let me say that I'm not blaming this in our schools.  Most of these policies have been put into effect because there have been parents who have used for one thing or another.  There are those parents who wish too keep their child in a bubble and in turn ruin it for everyone else.  As a society political correctness has gone way too far! And in my opinion we are now raising a nation of wimps. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Announcing the 5th

Why in our society did it become a cliche to have a large family.  I can't tell you how many people look at us like we are a circus side show as we walk through Target with our four boys.  One in the baby seat, one holding the carriage and the older two walking in toe right behind or Infront of us. They aren't running down the isle wildly or screaming at the top of their lungs, however onlookers think it's ok to make comments. "Four boys huh? Good luck to you" "guess you never got your girl huh?" As if I have four children only because I wasn't going to stop until I had a girl. 
        You can imagine the things that went through my head when we found out we were pregnant with our fifth. I'm not going to lie it was a bit of a surprise, but I have learned that some surprises are the best things in The world.  While I should have been rejoicing that we would be adding to our family my first thought was, what are people going to think? What are people going to say?  While I can say the thought of having 5 kids was overwhelming never once did I wish I didn't happen, never once did I worry about what my 4 other children would think, never once did I worry if we would have enough love for another child. I knew my  4 children would be more than excited to welcome a new child into our family. I knew as a family we have more than enough love to go around because as we have found out as parents love is multiplied not divided.
         Here are some things I want to say to those who feel they can judge my decision and my family. 

1. Yes my husband and I know how babies are made. Please don't ask us if we know how to prevent these children.

2. Yes we know how expensive it is to have children. WE pay for all of our childrens needs. We don't get assistance or financial help from family members and I am not asking any of you on lookers to pay for my childrens college education.

3.I DONT CARE IF THIS BABY IS A GIRl! I have 4 boys and I think it is pretty cool to be a mom of all boys! So if we have another boy that would be great, would it be neat to get the experience of raising a girl? Sure but it's going to be what it is going to be and we will be HAPPY with either gender!

4. Do I worry that having so many kids my kids will feel left out. Heck yes! But I feel like Brian and I are very cognizant of that and we are trying our best to have our children be supportive of each other.  In a big family they are alway going to have friends in each other.

So why have so many kids?  Every wonderful thing that children do, their first step, the first time they say mama and dada, I get to go through that 5 times.  I get to hear 5 times the laughter.  I get to watch all my children play together and we don't even have to go to a play group.  When we go to Disney everyone gets a buddy for a ride! Later in life with 5 kids atleast one of them is sure to take care of us in our old age.

So there it is! I don't have anything to prove to anyone, I have a large family and am a I proud mom! I have wonderful children the best husband ever and if you have a problem with my large family while we are walking through a store please feel free to look the other way.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

 This year Christmas kicked off December 24th at Brian's Parents house for vigilia. (Polish Christmas Eve)
Cameron and Babcia check out where Santa is on the Norad Tracker

The kids listen to Great Babcia explain the traditions that we celebrate.
This is the exchanging of the blessed wafer that comes from Poland everyone gets a piece and we walk around and each take a small piece off the others wafer and eat it and wish each other a Merry Christmas
This year I brought cookies for the kids to decorate so they would have something to do while the adults cleaned up from dinner.  It made waiting to open presents a little more bearable.  This year we were so happy that Christina and the girls, Rose and Lilly were able to be with us at Christmas. We were sad that Jason wasn't able to be with us because he is stationed up in Greenland, but it was nice for the boys to see their cousins!  After cookies were decorated it was time to OPEN PRESENTS!!!
The boys got many wonderful gifts from everyone and they were very excited!  Even Owen started to get the hang of opening presents!  Before we knew it, it was time to head home and put out our....

Reindeer food!!!

Then we came in the house and I asked that we get one picture of the boys in front of the tree
Then it was time to put out our cookies that the kids had decorate earlier in the night for santa
This year we couldn't find our copy of The Night Before Christmas.  So I had to download it on my ipad and we read it off that.  This will NOT happen again next year.  I will be getting a good copy of the book.    Anyhow the kids went right to bed and Brian and I watched a Christmas Story and went to bed to wait for Santa.
The boys waiting at the top of the stairs to be told they can come down.

Santa ate his cookies, drank his eggnog and left the boys a note

And the boys opened their gifts! Cameron was very excited to get the Wizard of OZ DVD and puppets from the Wizard of OZ and Liam was super excited for his Play Doh Trash truck, Brady loved his plane that got with the control tower and Owen was happy with his Taggie blanket!  But the big present for the boys was.....
An XBox 360 with Minecraft (of course)

After the hustle and bustle of the morning died down a little we headed over to my parents house for lunch.  The kids had gotten some games so they brought those over and they got a pretty good game going with uncle Dave, Daddy , Mackenzie, and the boys!

2013 was a great year!  We added another wonderful child to our family who has been such a blessing and fit into our family so well!  Merry Christmas from our family to yours! may 2014 be another wonderful year for all!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Last year at this time we were celebrating Thanksgiving in Disney eating in Epcot at Mexico for Dinner.  This year however we stayed in Good old New Hampshire.  We had Brian's family over for dinner and then my family came over later for pie.  It was a very nice day! 
The boys posed for a quick picture

My lovely centerpiece from my dad

Baby's first Thanksgiving

a cut throat game of Candyland before dinner

Our table

Sunday, November 24, 2013

9 months 11/22/13

Weighing I at 21.8 lbs (70%) and 31.25 inches (over the 90%) Is Owen Richard Stack!  He is sitting up by himself, has just recently started clapping his hands and babbles words like mama and dada.  He loves his go around walker and has actually started running around it! He loves to play with his brothers and is just a really content boy! Happy 9 months baby boy.  Can you slow down just a little bit.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Owen Richard

So I have been horrible at blogging especially about Owen, which I feel awful about so I figure it is never too late to start.  Owen has been such a blessing! He is such a good baby.  He practically never cries and always has a smile on his face. He takes good naps, pretty much sleeps through the night and is just about the sweetest baby ever.  He loves his brothers and man do they love him! Seeing how my boys interact with him just fills my heart.  Some weekends they will get Owen up and bring him downstairs and Brian and I come down to find them all snuggling with blankets on the floor watching a movie.  My absolute favorite part of the day is when I put Owen to bed and he takes his bottle and gets sleepy and we rock together and he drifts off to sleep while I sing him his song.  I want to hold on to those moments forever. It makes me sad to see how fast he is growing up!  He goes for his 9 month appt on Wednesday and I will post his stats.  My goal from here on out is to give a once a month blog update on him. Starting with his 9 months stats!


Ok so I'm playing catch up. I have become a horrible blogger.  This year the boys decided that they didn't want to do a family costume so they each picked their own costumes this year.  As you can see from the picture Brady was a hot dog, Cameron was the scare crow, Liam was Mario and Owen was a monkey.  This year it was raining during trick or treat.  Brady and Liam pooped out early so Brian took them back to his parents house, and Cameron and I kept going we were soggy but we had fun!  We have already decided that next year we a making costumes! I'm tired of buying costumes that only last like a day and I want to have the fun of making them.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Liam Started Preschool

On Thursday this week Liam and I went to the open house for Rainbow Preschool. This is an hour during the day that the kids can go and the parents stay with them to help them get acquainted.  Liam was a little shy to say the least.  He kept asking to go home and didn't really want to play.  I was pretty surprised at his reaction, because he has been talking about going to school all summer.  SO we stayed for the hour and left knowing that I would be dropping him off the next day.  Friday morning he got up talking about preschool and got all dressed and put on his back pack and was ready to go. When we got there he seemed ok.  He hung up his back pack and coat and walked into the classroom. That's when things started to go down hill.  I was going to give him a hug and he grabbed on for dear life and started screaming "I want to go home!!!!"  I pulled him off me and handed him over to the teacher.  I went to my car and could hear him screaming outside.  I got in my car and cried.  Of all people I know that he was going to be fine and have a great time but it was still difficult.  Well I am happy to report that when I picked him the teachers told me he did great and he was all smiles.  He goes to school Mondays and Fridays so we will see how he does tomorrow after the weekend.  Can't believe how big he is getting!